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New Tasting Room in Los Olivos

Phil Carpenter | June 23, 2017 | 

I’ve written about Jessica Gasca in the past, Jessica was a person I met on one of our initial trips to Santa Barbara, at that time, she was working at Sanguis. She asked me to help bottle there once. First impression after watching her work as Assistant Winemaker was that she was meticulous, very thorough, and all business. I knew from there, she was going to be an amazing winemaker. 

I always love tasting with Jessica as well since she has such an amazing palate and has a beautiful energy when sharing wine. I don’t know if it’s a technique, or if it’s just natural skill, but Jess doesn’t overload tasters with notes. She kind of floats around the tasting group and brings such a relaxing vibe, all while providing crucial info. She really is the total package.

Well, she has taken on a new venture with her husband, Brady. A brand-new tasting room in Los Olivos for her new label, Story of Soil. I’d seen pics popping up on Facebook and HAD to send her an e-mail to get the skinny on the news.

Let’s get to Jess’ responses:

Phil: When did you decide on getting a tasting room? 

Jess: Pretty recently. But, my mailing list customers kept asking me where they could taste my wine. Having people over to my house was fun but thought a tasting room would be the best place for requesting strangers to visit. 

Phil: Where is the tasting room? 

Jess: The mighty little town of Los Olivos. (2362 Alamo Pintado Avenue, Los Olivos CA)

Phil: What about the site made you feel like this was the right spot? 

Jess: If you’ve ever been to Los Olivos, you know what an amazing town it is! I live one mile north and absolutely love the idea of investing in the community that I already love so dearly. 

Phil: From the pictures I’ve seen, it’s absolutely beautiful. Who came up with the design? 

Jess: Honestly? My budget. That may sound silly, but (this winery and now) tasting room is not built from big money. It’s built from passion and hard work. Much of what is a part of my tasting room was completed with friends and locals from the community that helped this vision come together.

Phil: Did you have anyone help you build the website? 

Jess: My husband Brady, who is my better half and the other half of our business.

Phil: Are you offering a wine club? 

Jess: Yes. With our small production of 1,000 cases our wine club will be the only way to try some of our limited wines (that highlight the best vineyards on the Central Coast).

Phil: Who will be pouring at the site? 

Jess: Myself and my husband… It’s truly a small family operation. 

Phil: You’ve worked with some amazing labels (Grassini, Sanguis, Costa de Oro, Fess Parker), and recently with Dragonette. Will you be continuing with Dragonette or are you forging ahead with your label? 

Jess: I will continue to work with the Dragonette Cellars team as long as they’ll keep me!!!! Those three guys are a true inspiration and are paving the way for the ‘little guys’ in the world of wine. I am where I am today because of them.

Phil: What lineup will you be pouring to start? 

Jess: Mirabella Vineyard (Los Olivos District AVA) Sauvignon Blanc, Duvarita Vineyard Pinot Noir (biodynamically farmed), Gold Coast Vineyard (Santa Maria Valley AVA), Slide Hill Grenache (Biodynamically famred) and Larner Vineyard Syrah (Ballard Canyon AVA)

As you can see in the pictures, the space looks AMAZING! If you’d like to visit Jess & Brady, please feel free to contact them at the details listed below:

Story of Soil Website

Tasting Room Address: 2362 Alamo Pintado Avenue, Los Olivos CA 93441
Hours: Open Daily 11am – 5pm
Phone: 805.220.8248
Facebook: Story of Soil
Instagram: storyofsoilwine

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