Vineyard & Winery Tours


Q: What is a winery tour?
A: A winery tour guide will generally walk you through their winemaking facilities (the winery itself) and explain how their wine is made. You will see how one of their grapes is turned from fruit into wine.


Q: What is a vineyard tour?
A: A vineyard tour means that you will be walking through the grapevines – the vineyard itself – and learn what makes those vines so special, how they are farmed, and what wine they will be made into.


Q:  When do I get to taste wine? 
A: Each winery/vineyard sets up their tours differently – sometimes you will get to taste wine during the tour, sometimes you will taste wine afterwards.


Q: How much do winery or vineyard tours cost, and how do I go on one?
A: Tours range from free to $45. Click on a winery name below to view their tour details and contact information.


Q: How do I tour different wineries or vineyards?
A: There are touring companies that provide transportation to and from wineries, so you don’t have to worry about driving. Click here to view transportation companies.


Q: Are these generally by appointment?
A: Yes

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